Winter News 2015

This photo might possibly win the first prize for being the dullest ever picture in a newsletter. 

It is a picture of the land we have purchased for the new Bible College in Livingstone Zambia. 

It reminds me of a picture I have of a ploughed field we purchased in Rwanda back in 2006.  

God did an ‘Ephesians 3:20’ on this land on which now stands the Star School with 700 pupils. 



We are trusting God to do the same again and that one day I will be able show you a picture of a building on this land ... where at least 50 students are being trained to be pastors, teachers and evangelists.  

That will not be dull!

In this newsletter, I will share about two recent projects (one from Africa and one from Eastern Europe) as well as a few updates on other projects.       

The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation DL Moody 19C Amercian Evangelist

In all we do, we seek to facilitate our partners to bring transformation to those we seek to serve. 

No projects excite me more than the distribution of Bibles.

Recently our partners in Burundi distributed 280 Kirundi Bibles not far from where Stanley asked that immortal question ‘Doctor Livingstone I presume?’  (Pictured right is our partner Francois Nitunga with some of the beneficiaries of this project)

The distribution was delayed due to the security situation following the recent presidential elections and we thank God the project was completed without incident. The project included training on how to read the Bible for a better understanding.  


Why was the distribution needed?

This area has been savaged by civil war.

Not only are the people exceedingly poor but also some Bibles have been destroyed when properties have been burnt down while others have been destroyed by heavy rain.

(Pictured: Exchanging old for new).  

Many Bibles have been handed down generation to generation with pages now missing and some not in their native language. 


We received many testimonies but here are just a couple...


Emmanuel NKURUNZIZA  (in checked shirt)

I am an evangelist and often speak in schools. 

My Bible was 15 years old. 

Let me confess:  when I was talking to pupils with a torn Bible with many pages missing, I felt uncomfortable. 

Now I have a new Bible in my own language.

Thank you for this donation. 

It is a gift from God for which I have waited a long time


Juliette NINTUNZE (standing in picture)

I am a women’s leader of women groups in the church. It was ridiculous for me to be a women’s leader without a Bible, yet I am called to preach, to be advising and counselling women. I had tried all I could to provide myself with a Bible but all my efforts yielded nothing. Due to rampant insecurity, we are always on the move.

I strongly pray that the Lord may bless abundantly all those people who contributed towards this noble ministry of providing Bibles to the vulnerable people we are. I am convinced that I am going to preach now with not only zeal but also with new authority and anointing as I resource from the Word of God.

Together, poverty and disability causes the most vicious of circles Pastor Elvie Go, Happy Church, Philippines

will always remember these words spoken to me by Pastor Elvie Go back in 1994 and have been keen that we support a project working with people with disabilities. 

This summer Mission Possible ran a summer camp for over 100 children with disabilities in Transnistria - a strip of land between eastern Moldova and Ukraine. 

Now we have a weekly programme for them as well

DARYA: One of these special needs children is 12 year old Darya.

She was injured at birth and suffers from cerebral palsy.

When she was six months old, her father was killed in an accident.

In her grief, Darya’s mother began to seek God.  

Against all expectations, Darya learned to walk, speak, and now attends school.

Her mother was told about our Christian camp for disabled children, and Darya was thrilled to participate. 


EDWARD: Fourteen years old Edward has a cyst on his brain causing epileptic seizures, speech difficulties, and a movement disorder in his hands. He lives with his grandparents.

His grandmother tells us that since participating in our programme, there have been positive changes.

He suffers from fewer seizures, he has learned to draw better and he remembers by heart many songs.

Edward’s grandmother is now a born-again Christian and there is no longer drinking and brawling in the family. Instead, there is joy andhope.

Finally some update snippets
  • The Arua church plant in Uganda continues to grow under the leadership of Pastor John Paul.  
    (Pictured right).
    We have recently funded an additional 100 chairs  

  • We are purchasing land for our new agricultural project with the historically marginalised Batwa people in Rwanda.

    This project will provide both nutritious food for these impoverished families and also income as they will sell much of the produce (mainly potatoes). 

As importantly, the project will help build up the self-esteem of these marginalised people giving them something to do each day. We are also sponsoring Batwa children to go to school in January 2016.

  • We are exploring an additional project at Kazangula School in Zambia funded by Africa Meal Deal funds.  It is a chicken project.
    Not only will these chickens provide food for the children but also the manure will be used for the kitchen garden that was established earlier this year.
  • Our shelter home in St. Petersburg (called the Dream Home) is gearing up for more children at risk. 

    We are funding the equipping of an extension (Pictured right)

  • In Bulgaria, we have a magazine for women called ‘Leah’.

    We have recently facilitated the publication of the first Leah book 
Please remember our ministry in your devotional times


This is so valued by us.

Please thank God for all He is doing through Mission Possible.

Please pray specifically for the projects mentioned in this newsletter. 

Pray that we are able to launch more Bible distribution projects in 2016 and develop the new ministry in Transnistria.

Please pray ‘Isaiah 35:1’ for the Bible College  land in Zambia.


Many thanks.

On His Majesty's Service

Richard    Richard Wallis