Autumn News 2016



After several years we have changed the masthead we use on our newsletters using the picture on the right.   Our partners overseas are often asked how it is that our projects are so different from most others in their area. Body (food etc.) and mind (education) on their own are not enough.  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the missing ingredient.   We believe that body + mind + spirit is the winning formula for lasting change (see diagram to the left).
We have just approved funding for an adult literacy project with the historically marginalised Batwa community in Rwanda.  Many suggestions were made regarding the books we should provide for them - on agriculture, nutrition, healthcare etc.  But one thing was missing from the list – Bibles in the local language.  This has now been added!
As well as the masthead change, we thought we would do this particular newsletter differently making it more like a photo journal. 






Lasting Change in Bulgaria

Which came first - the chicken or the egg?  The interesting thing about Mission Possible’s work with the Roma communities in Bulgaria is that the church was planted first and the projects followed.  Below are two pictures. The first is a soup kitchen we funded some years ago attached to an existing church -see red brick structure in front. The second is some children giving thanks for their soup - and large chunks of bread!

soupkitchen soupbread

Prayer Spot
Pray for the MissionPossible team in Bulgaria as they prepare for this winter’s soup kitchen ministry in Bulgaria. Their winters are freezing.  Please also pray for Alison Craven (Our Chairperson), Ian Sinkinson (a new MPUK volunteer who is focusing on developing our Eastern European ministry) and me as we meet with our Eastern Europe team on October 3rd and 4th in Sofia to review our strategy for the next 3 years.


Lasting Change for the Red Zone Community in Rwanda

You may recall this is our new project on Nkombo Island in Lake Kivu.  It started as a feeding programme and soon we were providing resources for the local nursery school – which only has one blackboard and chalk for 300 pupils.   Now we are exploring supporting other projects such as a water, sanitation and hygiene WASH programme.  As you will see from the photo on the right, sharing the Gospel is core to this whole project on the island.

redzonekids preachingnkombo  

Prayer Spot
Please pray for Project Director Boniface Lakony and Pastor Michael. Pray for wisdom as this project progresses.  Give thanks that the feeding programme is already bringing hope to this community.


Lasting Change in Ukraine

It would be interesting to list which we think are the top ten countries that need an injection of hope right now. We would not all agree but maybe Ukraine would be on some lists despite being out of the news in recent months.
We have an amazing ministry in some impoverished villages in the south of this county which includes Bible Clubs, substance abuse awareness training and humanitarian aid. Pictured is a Bible Club in Paliyovo and the distribution of clothes by Sasha.

ukraine1 ukraine2

Prayer Spot
Please pray for peace in Ukraine.  Paliyovo is close to a militarised area with live ordnance. Thank God that the Bible Club shows children another way, far different than the life of substance abuse and hopelessness they know too well.


Lasting Change at the Star School in Rwanda

Establishing this school was our first project.  I recall meeting the headmaster earlier this year. He told me he prayed each morning for the school on Prayer Mountain. I could see no mountain, so asked to join him the following morning. He took me to the top of the administration block where he prayed at the top of his voice for the school!  Pictured is Ushindi, one of the children sponsored through MPUK. We have good news for him. Goalposts have just been funded through MPUK.  Also pictured are students worshipping.

ssfootball sssinging

Prayer spot
Thank God for the joy of children like Ushindi. Pray for Sam Kandole who is headmaster of the school - also for the rest of the staff team. Give thanks for Bishop Nathan who had the vision for this school and who continues to initiate many other projects in his own diocese including the Red Zone Children project.

Lasting Change in Albania

Across Eastern Europe, Mission Possible has been running summer activities.  In Albania, it was called the ‘Camp of the Champions’ (Not only Team GB were champions!). 250 children attended the camp over 4 weeks. Mission Possible also distribute humanitarian aid in Albania – pictured is Project Director, Besa.

albania1 albania2
Prayer spot
Please pray specifically for Romina, Andeta, Amarda, Lubjana, Lavdrim, Klevis, Daniel, Damiena, Arildo, Hatixhe and  Ergisa who were some of the children at the ‘Camp of Champions’

Some snippets

Bibles for Africa
Thank you again to all those who gave in response to our 2015 Christmas appeal for Bibles for Africa. 
Some of these were distributed in Kalabo in western Zambia in July. 
Some pastors walked many miles to collect them sharing that pages were torn in the only Bible in their church –
‘we suffer from spiritual malnutrition’ said one pastor.
Another Bible distribution funded by this appeal is happening this month in Burundi.


Backing the Batwa
We support a ‘Back to School’ project for children in a couple of Batwa communities in Rwanda.  Pictured are some of the children with our project manager Salomon (on left) on the day they returned to school after their ‘summer’ holiday.
We hope that the first crop on the land we purchased for the Batwa will be harvested in November.  The government  who kindly provided the seeds requested that that our first crop was pyrethrum, a natural botanical insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower - yes, I learn something new most days!  This will be sold and the proceeds will benefit the community.


Cattleman meets Alpaca
Our Rwandan partner Bishop Nathan was raised as a cattleman. 
On his recent tour of England and Scotland, he met his first alpaca, Tigger, at Pennywell Farm in Devon which was one of the 16 venues. 
Pictured with Chris Murray who owns this award winning tourist attraction.


We hope Bishop Nathan will return in May 2017 for a tour of Ireland.  
We had an amazing weekend in Derry/Londonderry in July 2013 and the Bishop’s message of reconciliation was well received including coverage in the national press.





And finally ...

We so value your support for our ministry as we seek to serve the poor, marginalized and forgotten.  

Please pray for our ministry. 
Many thanks


Richard Wallis