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Mission Possible is 10 Years Old in December  

It was in December 2006 that Ivo Ivanov of Mission Possible Finland invited me with my then fiancée Ruth to meet him in an almost empty old church near Marble Arch. The encounter was a bit like a scene from a John le Carré novel!  On the way back to the tube at Oxford Circus and while enjoying the Christmas lights, I gasped to Ruth: ‘I think we have just agreed to start a new mission society! ‘   It took us 9 months to register as a charity and as they say from there it has been His Story.
Whenever I meet a new person, it does not take me long to ask the question ‘What do you do?’.  And over the past 10 years, we have told you many inspiring stories about what Mission Possible does.  And we will do so again in this newsletter. But towards the end, we will take this 10th anniversary edition as an opportunity to share with you a little about who we are.


Another Kind of Famine
There is another kind of famine in Africa and one not much reported –a hunger for God’s Word.  Many do not have a Bible while others have Bibles that are falling apart. So it has been a joy over the past 10 years to distribute Bibles in Africa.

Recently our partners in Burundi have completed the latest distribution.

Here are two testimonies:


I have been longing to have a Bible. I am a women leader in my church. Every time I want to share from the word of God, to teach other women or to preach, I had to borrow a bible somewhere.   Violette Niyongere


It was an embarrassment to be a leader carrying an old bible where I could not get enough food properly to feed people I was supposed to take care of spiritually. But now I feel very okay! Praise God.  Fidel Ndikumasabo



From Paper to Online
There is also a hunger for biblically based teaching material.  For many years, Mission Possible has run a Russian language distance learning Bible Study course based on 60 books.  This is exceedingly expensive and also it is increasingly difficult to distribute these books to some parts of Eastern Europe.  We are thrilled that these 60 books have been revised and are now available online at a low cost - a project largely funded by a UK based grant making trust.  This follows making our leadership training material available online in 2014.



Safeguarding Children We Support
Mission Possible takes safeguarding children seriously. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) described the African continent as the one that will be most affected by climate change including more frequent and intense tropical storms.  So over the past year, we have been installing lightning conductors on all buildings at the Star School. This project will be completed before the children return to school in January.  Can you imagine being in a classroom block with a metal roof during a tropical storm with lightning forking down everywhere and no lightning conductors anywhere! 


An outrageous situation in Europe
Bulgarian Roma girls are amongst the neediest people in Eastern Europe. Poverty drives them to beg, steal and prostitute themselves.  It is a burden for parents to provide for their daughters, so they marry them off as early as possible. Most Roma girls become mothers when teenagers. 
They do not usually have any instruction on healthcare or parenting, only meeting a medical person for the first time when the baby is born.

Indeed, an outrageous situation.


Coming soon:  
Our Christmas appeal will be designed to address this issue in Roma communities on the foothills of the Balkan Mountains.  Please give this appeal your consideration when you receive it.  A low cost way to contribute to the transformation of these most marginalised people. 


…. and now back to our 10th anniversary!
Mission Possible UK is not unique though we like to think it is!  Anyway here are a few things about us.



We travel light
We have no rented offices, no company cars and no full time staff.  We do have a computer, printer, projector and two part time staff.  We are blessed with an amazing volunteer team who assist us with our website, FACEBOOK page and fund raising and of course we have a supportive and wise Trustee Board.   You can read about each of these on our website. On top of this, CICONI, a Cambridgeshire based company, generously design and send out our newsletter at no cost.  All these make travelling light possible.


Our values are important to us


  • focusing our ministry on the poor and marginalised
  • being people of integrity with servant hearts and seeking overseas partners with similar characteristics
  • being inclusive and demonstrating that all people are loved and created by God
  • respecting our partners by listening to them and learning from them
  • being professional in all we do whilst remaining dependent on the grace of God
  • being genuinely thankful for each donation irrespective of value and being good 
    stewards of these resources
  • giving God the glory for the spiritual impact that results from our ministry

Our partners
We are blessed with Godly partners in Eastern Europe and Africa.  These are the people at the coalface.
I have mentioned Ivo Ignat already. His wisdom and expertise remains a vital ingredient of Mission Possible’s ministry in in Eastern Europe.   Each country (or in Russia, each city) where Mission Possible works has a project director. These are inspirational people.  


There is not room here to mention all but I will mention Roumen (pictured with Roma children) who heads up the work in Bulgaria and Besa who heads up the work in Albania.
In Africa, our ministries in Rwanda are headed up by two wonderful Bishops – Bishop Nathan (Star School and Red Zone Children) and Bishop John (Batwa).  We partner with Francois and REMA in Burundi, Apostle Muzamai in  Zambia and Pastor Peter in Uganda. 
We give thanks for them. Please pray for them. (If you want to know more about them, please read ‘From Russia to Rwanda with Love’ available through MPUK.



Ian Sinkinson is joining MPUK on a voluntary basis to take up a new position as our Eastern European Development Officer. I have known Ian for 25 years and he will make a significant contribution to our ministry.  After a career as an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force, Ian worked for Tearfund in disaster response in Afghanistan, Liberia, Kenya and South Sudan. He joined Mission Aviation Fellowship in 2006 as a programme manager in South Sudan and Kenya retiring from this in 2014.  Ian is pictured loading a MAF aircraft in Juba, South Sudan.



Please remember our ministry in prayer
Prayer is so valued by us.  I know some people pray for a different country where we work each day.  
A valuable site for prayer for individual countries is

Thank you so very much