The Basic Essentials of Christian Leadership
Module 8 : Review, Feedback and Goal-setting

The purpose of this module is for you to :

   1) Review what you have learnt
   2) Provide Feedback to us at Mission Possible UK
   3) Set yourself Goals to improve your leadership qualities


Below is a link to a Review quiz with 18 multiple-choice questions.
This is designed to help you find out how much you now know about the basics of  Leadership.

You can repeat the Review quiz as many times as you like. Your score is not sent to us or anyone else.

                                                      Review Quiz Start      


Mission Possible would value your feedback on this training.

Below is a link to a simple response form.

You will be asked to provide an overall rating over how useful you found the training. You will also be able to provide your own comments.


                                     Feedback Start



Much of the benefit of this training will be lost if you do not set yourself some goals to sharpen your leadership skills. 

One of the things most people do not realize when setting goals is that a few of days later you forget about them or procrastinate.  

Write your goals down and give yourself deadlines to achieve them.

You do not need to share these goals with Mission Possible UK.  

However, we may be able to help you achieve some of your goals by sending you additional training material and we can encourage you to achieve these goals by asking you from time to time what progress you are making towards achieving your goals.

We will also pray for you.


                                                     Goal Setting Start




 ~   You have now completed this Leadership Training project    ~