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Our 2020 Christmas Appeal

I think that we are all agreed that 2020 has been an extraordinary year. For us at Mission Possible UK, it has also been amazing experiencing the generosity of our supporters. In the light of this we did ponder whether we should have a Christmas appeal. Then someone commented "It wouldn't be Christmas without a Mission Possible appeal!" Of course it would, but anyway here goes!

Cleanliness comes next to Godliness

Girls at Star School with their packs, women in Cyangugu Diocese and a woman using a clean water filter in Rwanda

One of the features of 2020 has been the ratcheting up of personal hygiene – in my case recalling the words of John Wesley in the header above. However, many of those we work with live in conditions that are below any understanding of human dignity. Soap is a luxury, drinking water is putrid, the condition of toilets is appalling and the way women in poverty manage their monthly menstruation is shocking. So, it is not surprising that we have chosen WASH projects for our 2020 Christmas appeal – clean WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Female hygiene

Over the past two years, we have been working with a Days for Girls cooperative at the Star School. The cooperative prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods. At an amazingly low cost, it is possible to bring transformation into the lives of these girls providing a safe washable and long-lasting alternative to rags, banana leaves and feathers. We really do 'so so so' need to roll out this programme to more girls and indeed women in the places we work in Rwanda. (Pictured top right are girls at Star School with their packs and below is a picture of women receiving them in Cyangugu Diocese in southwest Rwanda.)
Kits for three girls costs £20

Clean Water

We have provided water filters giving clean water to over 1000 families on two islands on Lake Kivu in Rwanda. (See picture right.) The plan is to expand this programme to benefit the historically marginalised people in northwest Rwanda and other communities in the Cyangugu Diocese in the southwest.
A family can benefit from a water filter for £25

A woman standing in front of a poor condition toilet on Ishwa Island, a family standing in front of a new toilet and a woman using a foot operated handwashing facility


Last year, we agreed to provide Ishwa Island on Lake Kivu with 69 new toilets for families with no toilets, or toilets that are in an atrocious condition. (See picture right.) We need to complete this project in 2021 and then start this programme into other communities in which we work. We decided against going for low cost toilets which will only last for a few years and have gone for what in rural Africa could be described as 'upmarket' which should last for 10 plus years. (See picture below right.)
Each toilet costs £230

……and finally handwashing

Handwashing is important at any time but especially important in these COVID-19 times. One message drummed into us in 2020 is that washing hands frequently and properly with soap and water is critical to preventing diseases. Foot pedal hand washing facilities together with soap are a simple low-cost solution in rural areas of Rwanda. (See picture bottom right.)
Hand washing facilities with some soap costs £10 per family

Our Christmas appeal

We would welcome any gifts. You can designate your gift either for feminine hygiene, clean water, hand washing facilities or a toilet. Just let us know. If you do not designate your gift, we will put your wonderful gift into the general WASH fund to be used where most needed.

You can give by:

  • sending a cheque (payable to MPUK) to MPUK, PO Box 597, Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 9ET
  • making a donation via our website www.mpuk.org
  • transferring your gift directly into our bank account:
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Thank you so very much and wishing you His joy and peace this Christmas.

Richard and Ruth