The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership

In April 2018 Mission Possible UK published the first printed edition of the popular online training course "The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership" by Richard Wallis with John Collinson. 

We are now pleased to offer the whole of the course material here in PDF format. You are free to download this and print it for your own use. 

If you plan to print copies of the material for use in your local church or group we would be grateful if you would let Richard know the details 

From the Back Page ...
Some are born leaders, some strive for leadership and some have leadership thrust upon them. All need to be equipped as leaders, all can still learn more about leadership, and all have the potential to be great leaders.

The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership provides a biblically based systematic and practical study of the fundamental principles of Christian leadership which, if applied, will assist you growing as a Godly leader. 

What others say...
‘Richard has a big heart for teaching Christian leaders in Africa. We have gained much from his seminars.’
– Bishop Nathan Amooti, Cyangugu Diocese, Rwanda

‘This easy to read manual is well thought through and has enough scriptural basis to make it a truly Christian leadership manual. I highly recommend this manual for both growing and seasoned leaders.’
– Rev. Kihu Mwangi, National Youth Director, Assemblies of God, Kenya

‘Richard’s vision of teaching leadership to rural pastors in Africa meets a strategic need.’
– Pastor Peter Kasirivu, founder of Africa Renewal Ministries in Uganda

‘Richard has been a big encouragement to us through his leadership training.’
– Francois Nitunga, Founder of REMA ministries in Burundi

‘Richard’s teaching is both biblically based and practical. That was valued by the leaders at our conference.’
– Apostle Muzamai Muzamai, Zambia




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