The Basic Essentials of Christian Leadership
Introduction : How to Use The Notes

We want you to get as much benefit as possible from these Training Modules.

How you study and how you use them is up to you.

But you may be interested in following some of the simple guidelines described below.


Don't Hurry      

Plan your study time.
We suggest 45 minutes to one hour is long enough for one study session.

Take time as you read and think about the material. There are no medals for completing the modules in record time!

When you come across a Bible reference - read the verses again from your own version of the Bible.

        If English is not your first language and you have a Bible
        in your own language, read it from this version.

If appropriate read the verses before and after as well, in order to see the passage in its context.

When you come across a question or reflection, don't hurry through to the next section.
                         Take time.
                            Slow down.
Consider your own experiences and current challenges. Determine that as you learn you will grow. 


Make Notes as You Study      

As you dig into this training material a few things may start to happen:

  • You may recall an incident which relates to the topic you are studying - note it down.
  • You may have a new thought or idea that you feel the Lord has given you - note it down.
  • You may have a tough question that you wish to check out with someone else - perhaps a more experienced colleague,  or with us at Mission Possible - note it down.
  • You may feel the Lord challenging you about a particular issue, perhaps a person that you need to speak to, or something that you need to do  - note it down.

Making notes is a good way of ensuring that the enemy doesn't snatch away the benefit you have gained through your study. So always have pen and paper with you.


Questions and Reflections      

In every module you will find regular Questions and Reflections. We have put these in a different colour - and used the Thinking Man picture that you can see here.

These are stopping-off points on your study journey, a 'pause' where you can think about the teaching in the light of your own experience.

        You may find it valuable to pray briefly before
        thinking through the question or reflection.

        If you are studying the notes in a Small Group setting
        the questions can help to 
stimulate further discussion
around that particular Module topic. 

At the end of each Module there are usually some Bible passages to read that are relevant to the Module. 

These are followed by a series of questions based on the Bible passages.

This section should help you make sure your understanding of the topic is Biblically grounded.       


Use the Section Numbers      

You will notice numbers on the right hand-side of each section.
They are there to help you.

Eg. the reference 4.11 is the 11th section in Module 4.

They can be used in different ways:

  • When you come to the end of a study session note down the number of the section you have arrived at.
    You then will know where to start again next time.
  • One or more sections may be something you wish to refer to when discussing the notes with someone else who is using them. You can pin-point the section(s) of interest using the section number(s)
  • You may also wish to contact us at Mission Possible regarding some part of the training material. You can you use the section numbers for easy reference.
  • Please note there is no significance to the size of sections. Some may contain one or two sentences; others may seem much longer. We have tried to make sure that a section only deals with one theme.

You may also note each section is separated from the next with a horizontal line. This is simply to make the material more readable.It doesn't always indicate the end of a particular topic.



Study with Friends


If practical why not consider studying with friends  - others who are in a similar situation to yourself. There is tremendous benefit in being able to share experiences, talk over questions together, and pray together.

If you decide to do this - then we suggest that you print the notes out and make sure each person has a copy of the relevant notes for that session.

Plan to meet regularly -  for example, weekly  - for an hour to an hour and a half.
Don't attempt to cover a whole module in one session. One module may need to be spread over many sessions.

As you get into the rhythm of regular group study we are confident you will find yourself being strengthened and encouraged as you grow together.


Expect to Grow      

However you study, you should expect that you will not be same when you have completed the training.

  • You can expect to have grown in wisdom and understanding
  • You can expect to have clarified certain ideas or issues in your mind, where previously you may have been confused
  • You can expect to establish new healthy habits that will help you in you future walk and ministry

At the end of the teaching material is a module where you can test yourself on how much you have learned.

You are also encouraged to set some personal goals which we would encourage you to share with us.

Finally, we would be delighted to hear from you about your experiences using the material. So please keep noting down your thoughts and your progress as you work through the modules.

We wish you every blessing as you begin.



Richard Wallis and the Mission Possible team.


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