MPUK 2022 Christmas Appeal
for Ukraine

Much more than just aid

A circular image of an elderly woman being hugged, with the words Mission Possible overlaid

Mission Possible has worked in Ukraine for over 30 years. Soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we launched a special appeal. The response was extraordinary. Since then, Mission Possible has been able to distribute 17,500 aid boxes, each of which includes Christian literature. This work needs to continue as the harsh winter months set in – not just aid boxes, but people need firewood and coal for heating, warm clothing, basic medicines … However, our ministry is much more than just aid. Let me tell you one of many stories.

A montage of images showing from top to bottom: MP's Tanya showing a child the ruins of a grain store; Igor and Sasha covering broken windows with foil; Tanya praying for a child in trauma; a girl holding a children's Bible


Maiory is a small village in the Odessa region where there is much poverty. For eight years, Mission Possible has been running a children's programme in the village. The children have fun and are told about the love of God. They desperately need this love. Throughout the last few months, despite air raid alarms, the programme continues.

Missile attack

One Sunday night, the inhabitants of this usually silent rural community were awakened by a huge explosion. A rocket destroyed a grain store and windows of homes were shattered. There was smoke, there was fire, people were screaming and children crying. Everyone spent the night out on the street. When they returned to their homes as the sun rose, they discovered it was not just shattered windows but damaged roofs and ceilings that had collapsed. Pictured is MP's Tanya taking a child to see the ruins of the grain store.


The MP team visited the village the next day, and everyone was still in shock. Lilya says, 'We listened to their stories. We prayed with them and tried to comfort them as best as we could'. Pictured top right is Igor and Sasha helping older women cover their broken windows with foil. Right is Tanya praying for a child in trauma.

Maiory is just one village where MP works that is targeted by missiles.

All I want for Christmas

Most common childhood fears are things like spiders, monsters and the dark. But in Ukraine, it is sirens, loud noises and missiles. When asked what their greatest wish is for Christmas, it is not for a toy or phone. They want peace. That is why our ministry is so important. Our team cannot arrange a ceasefire, but they can bring the peace of God into their lives. Listen to what the children say:

As I listen to the stories in the Bible, I realise that God is always with me.
Olya, 10 years old

When I read Psalm 91:4, I realise that there is protection under God's wings.
Dasha, 9 years old

I have memorised Deuteronomy 31:6. When things are bad, God is near me.
Xenya, 13 years old

My God is all powerful and can do anything.
Lyuba, 11 years old

Pictured is a girl with one of the many children's Bibles handed out with aid boxes distributed. An aid box can be seen in the background.

Our Christmas Appeal

We would welcome gifts for our work in Ukraine. Every single penny received, including all Gift Aid received, will go to Ukraine. That was the pledge we made in March, and this will continue until the end of this year.

You can give by:

  • Transferring your gift directly into our bank account:
    Mission Possible UK   Sort code 40-52-40   Account 00092063
  • Making a donation via our website
  • sending a cheque (payable to MPUK) to MPUK, PO Box 597, Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 9ET
A circular image of an elderly woman being hugged, with the words Mission Possible overlaid

Thank you so very much and wishing you His joy and peace this Christmas. And please pray for Ukraine this Christmas.


Richard and the Mission Possible team